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Soap for Gardeners


Get really clean with our super cleansing soap! Natural exfoliants make these soaps perfect for gardeners. Choose from:

Seaside Garden: Salt bar with floral, oceanside scented blend. You will think of gardening by the sea with this soap. It is not only exfoliating, but features endless lather.

Loam Lovers: Our very popular cedarwood, lavender and orange scented mix. It appeals to male and female gardeners with its earthy character.

Deadheader's: Lusciously lavender scented soap for the lavender lovers! Your hands and feet will thank you.

Fairy Garden: Lilting floral blend that your fairies and you will love!

Herb Garden: Mix of herbs that will have you thinking of the herb garden.

Garden Party: You've been invited to the queen's annual garden party! The scent of roses, flowers and grass fill the senses as you meander through the gardens.

I Promised You a Rose Garden: Unlike the old saying, "I never promised you a rose garden," this one does! Enjoy the scent of fresh rose, not the cloying scent of old rose perfume.

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