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Make Your Own!

If you are curious about making your own products, you're in luck! We offer kits for Custom Crafted Soap, Lotion, Hair Conditioner , Water-free Shampoo Bars and Oil Cleanser

Not only that, but I teach classes in Rochester, NY. Here is my upcoming schedule:

November 15 - Custom Crafted Soap, Rochester Brainery,

December 7 - Custom Crafted Soap, Rochester Brainery

December 13 - Pamper Those Tootsies! Pittsford Recreation,

January 18 & 25 - Cold Process Soapmaking 101, Pittsford Recreation

January 19 - Custom Crafted Soap, Rochester Brainery

I will be adding classes as they are booked, so keep an eye out for updates!

I am also available for teaching/speaking. Contact me at or through the website (

I hope to see you soon!

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