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My Garden of Weedin'

As an avid gardener, I love my garden and enjoy garden chores. Well, most of the time. Gardening is an exercise in joy, frustration and hard work. It's hot or it's cold or it rains or it snows, or it doesn't and we wish it would. The deer eat our tomatoes and the rabbits nibble what the deer can't reach. Whatever else happens in the garden, weeds grow. When you garden without herbicides or pesticides, they grow more, hence the blog title, "My Garden of Weedin'."

If you garden, you understand.

Anyway, what does this have to do with what we sell at Soap and Garden? Everything, really. We started out with soap for gardeners. It is specially formulated to clean well and is full of exfoliants that help clean that dirt off your hands and feet. To add more exfoliation and cleansing, we added hand and foot scrub, which cleans and polishes the skin. You'll feel so clean and smooth!

Soon, we added lotion to moisturize those hard working hands and feet. Our formula is smooth and silky and just might make you forget how hard you worked!

We also like to take a little soak after a heavy day of gardening and add a bath fizzy to the tub to relax with. The fizzy adds a pleasant scent and contains butters and oils that moisturize skin. It makes our skin feel so hydrated and smooth. Of course, we had to add them to our collection because we think you'll love them, too.

You would think we would be satisfied by now, but we decided that you would also like candles and wax melts, so we added those, too. We now offer personal candles in small plant pot-type glass, but are working on larger sizes. Stay tuned! We're also adding more scents of candles and melts that we think you will love.

Oh, and one more thing. Due to your request, we added bath soaps since you do more than just clean up after gardening.

It is our goal to offer every type of cleansing and moisturizing skincare a gardener needs.

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